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Greenstaff Australia Newsletter - June

Bits and bobs of what’s been happening in Greenstaff Medical Australia

We like keeping you updated on the latest industry news and internal affairs and as always, we have a range of information for you to read such as Graduate Recruitment, Day in a life of a Nurse content, as well as a survey for you to help gain insights on different topics.


Graduate Recruitment

Are you hiring graduates into your teams? If not, why not? We have a number of nursing graduates who are eager to showcase their skills and put their knowledge to practice. We have then gone ahead a compiled a series of blog pieces of some of our top graduates, getting to know what type of experience they have gained since graduation or during their studies and their areas of specialities. Read our top graduate stories here.


A day in the life of …

…A fantastic Greenstaff Medical nurse! This section focuses on shadowing a nurse for a day. This section allows us to understand what constitutes a normal workday for nurses in various specialties and vicariously takes us through the highs and the lows of their career. Read below on the two Greenstaff Medical Nurse and Midwife we are shadowing today

Jason Collins is a Mental Health Nurse in Gold Coast, Queensland. He shares with us the joys of his professional and personal life. Please take a few minutes to read all about it here

Jo Byers, a Clinical Nurse specialising in Midwifery also takes us through her career as a Midwife in St George. She also shares career related advice and touches a little on her personal life. Read about her here.



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We hope you have enjoyed the read, stay on the look out for more content as the weeks and months progress!