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Quality Policy Statement

Greenstaff Medical is an Employment Agency focused on the provision of Clinical and Non-Clinical specialist professionals to public and private healthcare providers. To this end we operate a Management System which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Greenstaff Medical Aspirations

The Greenstaff Medical aim is to provide customers with high-quality services underpinned by the highest level of personal service across the sectors in which we operate. Greenstaff Medical accomplishes this goal by listening to customer's needs, translating those needs into customer services and delivering the highest level of customer experience. The Greenstaff Medical Quality Policy and its Quality Management System strives to deliver continual improvement in the delivery and performance of those services.

Greenstaff Medical is Committed:

  • To the health and safety of its people and the patients, service users, communities, and societies which we deliver to.
  • To the implementation of its Quality Management System and to abiding by its guidelines.
  • To meet the agreed quality standards of its external and internal customers in the delivery of services.
  • To comply with applicable laws and company policies, processes, and procedures.

Greenstaff Medical Accountabilities:

Delivering these commitments is the core accountability of the Greenstaff Medical Executive Committee, the Senior Leadership Team, Management, and the Staff Greenstaff Medical engages with all people who work with us (staff, partners and suppliers) to support this accountability and to ensure that all people who work with us have the required competency to do so. Greenstaff Medical consults, listens and respectfully responds to customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and community as input to its aim of delivering a continually improving service.