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Share your journey with the Voice of Nursing

Do you want to join a platform filled with nursing knowledge? A platform for nurses to share experiences regarding patient care, policies and procedures, recognition, research, education and career advancements.

Knowledge and experience are the foundation of the healthcare industry. After all, how would we be able to help anyone without the necessary information to do so? That is where the Voice of Nursing comes in. Since 2018, we have provided a YouTube channel for and about healthcare professionals across the globe to share their stories and support the nursing and healthcare community. Our channel is a compilation of healthcare-related interviews where the topic is up to you!

Who can take part?

If you are a healthcare professional involved in the field of nursing, then you are invited! Whether you are a healthcare worker, general or specialist nurse, part of a professional healthcare body, or even a CEO, we are interested in what you have to say.

Why should you share your story?

Our mission is to recognise the achievements of healthcare professionals and have their voices heard. In the spirit of spreading wisdom and providing guidance to those who seek it, we invite you to contribute to this by sharing your story with us. Do you want to help others understand particular aspects of the nursing industry? Would you like to discuss your next charitable campaign? Do you want to inform others about ideas, skills, or anything else that you have found to be particularly successful or helpful in your role? We cover a wide variety of topics and can even put something together that is based on your story.

How does it work?

It all starts with agreeing on a topic of discussion and outlining the questions and answers. From there, it is just a matter of confirming a time and date that works for you. We record the interview with the help of our marketing team (usually online) and do not upload anything until you have given us the approval to do so. While it is optional whether you prefer to keep your video on or off, we recommend that it stays on so that viewers can engage with you.

Now that you know what we are all about, get in touch! We look forward to telling your story in a way that makes YOU feel comfortable. Remember that your wisdom can help, inspire, and educate others about what is happening in the ever-evolving field of nursing. Be part of something great and share your story with the world!

You can also register with us and search our database for the latest nursing vacancies.