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Meet the Graduate – #3

Are you hiring graduates into your teams? If not, why not? We have a number of nursing graduates who are eager to showcase their skills and put their knowledge to practice. We have been highlighting some of our top graduates, getting to know what type of experience they have gained since graduation or during their studies and their areas of specialities. Read our top graduate stories here.

Healthcare Graduate #3

RN who graduated from the University of Western Sydney.

Do they have AIN experience?
Yes, I have Experience as an AIN (2001-2004) in Australia

When did they finish their studies?
June Last Year (2019)

What specialty did they enjoy (ward)?
Acute Ward

How has the job hunt been so far?
It’s going on but it’s tough as every hospital wants to hire nurses with Experience but I’m still looking out and trying my best.

How many grad programs have they applied for and where have they applied for them?
Just one as I was not allowed to apply for New Grad Program with the existing one.

Do they think there is enough grad options in the job market?
I really don’t think so

What are their expectations? E.g. How long do they expect it to be before they secure a job? Do they expect to get it in their area of interest?
Yes, I expect that I get a job in my area of interest (Acute ward) but to start with I can explore other options as well and I think that won’t be an issue for me. I also expect to get the job as soon as possible as I am trying my best to secure one so that I can enhance my skills and add on those skills to my experience. Improving skills in the starting of the Nursing career is the most essential thing for any nurse because everyone of us want to survive for the long-term.

What do the hospitals do to support them finding a job?
I want hospitals to support grad nurses, as of now every hospital wants to have experienced nurses so no support as of now but I really want them to start considering us as we have to start from somewhere and this is how we would be able to have Practical knowledge and skills.

Do they think there is enough support for New Grads?
Same answer as above, want hospitals to support us and provide us with the Jobs.

How do they think the process can be improved?
Not sure how it would work but in starting they can provide us with the buddy in the hospital for several weeks or months so that we can learn from them and then can work independently. We must start from somewhere and hospitals should start giving us the chance, that’s it I think hopefully I get the Job soon.

Check out our blog for the rest in this series to find the right graduate for you. For an interview with any of these incredibly talented graduates, get in touch with our team of recruitment consultants: