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Meet the Graduate – #1

Are you hiring graduates into your teams? If not, why not? We have a number of nursing graduates who are eager to showcase their skills and put their knowledge to practice. We have been highlighting some of our top graduates, getting to know what type of experience they have gained since graduation or during their studies and their areas of specialities. Read our top graduate stories here.

Healthcare Graduate #1

Student RN but ready to work as an AIN for now, until they get APHRA registration.

What university/ college did they go to?
Southern Cross University

Do they have AIN experience?
Yes, 6 weeks

When did they finish their studies?
2020 (Grad Certificate in Australian Nursing EPIQ)

What specialty did they enjoy (ward)?
Medical care & Age care in Byron Hospital

How has the job hunt been so far?
It is difficult to find a job with no experience.

How many grad programs have they applied for and where have they applied for them?
Certification in First AID & CPR and Grad Certificate.

Do they think there is enough grad options in the job market?
Not enough

Are they willing to relocate? If yes, where to?
Yes, happy to relocate if gets RN position and if it is for AIN would prefer staying in the same location.

What do the hospitals do to support them finding a job?
Hospitals mainly public, can’t really support. Because there are already hundreds of nurses who have been working in the public hospitals for long on a contract basis and if any position comes up, it is obvious that the older gets the preferences. And so, for fresh grads it is not possible to get a permanent work in public hospitals. For private has no clue because haven’t got a chance to work yet.

Do they think there is enough support for New Grads?
No, not really. That’s why trying to apply through agencies. But most agencies again look for high experience which makes it difficult for fresh grads to get registered through agencies as well.

How do they think the process can be improved?
No such comment for now, hasn’t worked with any agencies or private hospitals. Will let us know in case she feels like any improvement needed.

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