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Meet the Graduate – #2

Healthcare Graduate #2

RN Div 1 graduated from Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus.

Do they have AIN experience?
Yes, 336 hours (Approximately 5.5 months)

When did they finish their studies?
Master’s in public health in 2019

What specialty did they enjoy (ward)?
Have worked in Dementia Ward so far.

How has the job hunt been so far?
Job hunting is difficult when you are fresh grads and have no references.

How many grad programs have they applied for and where have they applied for them?
Landed in Australia in 2017, since then has completed, bachelor’s in nursing, Cert III, and few of certification courses as advised.

Do they think there is enough grad options in the job market?
Not for Freshers

Are they willing to relocate? If yes, where to?
Yes, happy to relocate if they get good opportunities to work.

What are their expectations? E.g. How long do they expect it to be before they secure a job? Do they expect to get it in their area of interest? 
No such expectation but wants a helping hand for fresh grads hunting for a job without experience in Australia.

What do the hospitals do to support them finding a job?
Hospitals mainly public, doesn’t really support.

Do they think there is enough support for New Grads?
No, not for fresh grads.

How do they think the process can be improved?
Have got no idea how agencies work. But said, the fresh grads should also be given an opportunity to work and show case skills. Because until they’re given a chance how will they prove their capabilities.

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